Just Be YOU

Oct 26, 2014

This popped up in my time-hop and well… it made me think…

Whatever that thing is you keep putting off… just go and do the damn thing! Don’t listen to the noise.

•Marriage – no experience
•Photography Studio Owner – no experience
•Camera Strap Designer – no experience
•All-Inclusive Playground – no experience
•Course Creation – no experience
•Social Seller – no experience
•Living downtown – no experience
•Renovating a house – no experience
•Property Manager – no experience


•Public speaking – no experience

Surrounded by a group of public speakers… I was determined to finally speak in public. Even if I fell flat on my face or stuttered my way through it, I was damned determined to get up there and speak after the build.

Just be YOU. Everything else will follow. 🤘🏻

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