Apr 14, 2021

Well, here goes nothing!

Blogging again that is!

A little different this go ’round. Years ago I blogged my photography. It was the thing to do then. I loved it. I could share the story behind my work and share it with the world. I’ve been featured, published and have won awards during my 14 year photography career.

Well, as I grew, discovered and shifted business directions… I canceled that Blog (which I highly encourage you to never do!)

Then, a few years ago I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate my life and business with a Blog, again. I just didn’t know HOW to make that work then.

So here I am… doing the thang!

Crazy how I’ve discovered how saying no allows room for more valuable yeses. Without those no’s I wouldn’t have invested in the time or in myself to get this far.

A few things to note and make clear from the get go:

I type like I talk. And, I suck at grammar. Run-on sentences are my jam. I wear many hats and enjoy doing so many different things. I’ve never been one to niche down anything! In a world where that word is over used… I can say with confidence that it’s okay to not have just one niche. We can’t do it all – that’s crazy thinking… that’s not the point. My point is don’t limit yourself!

My content, stories or experiences will not be for everyone. I don’t want it to be that way. I’m not here for everyone. I’m here for those that are searching for that one piece of business advice, knowledge, experience, life, products, or those that are open minded and just simply enjoy learning a bit from others.

If you have stuck around this far… thanks. Here’s to turning the page and onto the next chapter of my story… my life.

Top Photo Credit: Megan Black

Middle Photo Credit: Spanki Mills

Middle Right Photo Credit: Michelle LaPrade

Bottom Left: Tanya Keech

Bottom Right: Heather Smith

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