Fitness Journey in Small Spaces

Apr 19, 2021

This is my little arsenal of equipment. This is it. It works for now.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything about my fitness journey.

Let’s face it… it’s called a fitness journey because it is just that.

A journey!

Not everything will work for everyone… Our bodies, goals and schedules are different.

It’s also a mind game. The number one absolutely hardest thing of all is to just show up. To start!

We can make any excuse in the book. Any. We all spit them out left and right (I’m guilty too) but if you can’t carve out at least 20 minutes in a 24 hour period… then maybe you should truly consider adjusting your priorities.

Like most moms or business owners, I’m busy. I could use this excuse daily. In reality, it’s simply all about your schedule. YOU can control your schedule. YOU can control if you go to a gym, take a run/walk or workout at home.

I struggled mentally after leaving a committed gym when covid hit and right when we moved. It was ultimately up to ME to get out of my own damn head and to change what my new workout journey would be like.

I use to think that if I don’t get in an hour of working out, it wasn’t good enough. Now, I am totally okay with a solid 20 minutes some days.

Movement is movement.

Forward is forward.

It’s a little give and take.

Trial and error.


Doing what works for you while throwing in a little challenge in the mix, still works. Stay in your lane and don’t compare yourself/your life/your journey to someone else’s.

Start with building a productive/effective daily/weekly schedule, saying NO (DM if you need help with that) and just show up!

Learning to say no to things in order to allow for more valuable yeses in your life is hard BUT it’s an absolute must! That can look different for all.

Life, work, eating, leisure, fitness, family, etc — What are you going to say no to so that you can make room for more valuable yeses?

By the way… that damn AbMat I kept rolling my eyes about, works. ✌🏻

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