Recovering Overworked Mompreneur

May 3, 2021

Are you a workaholic?

Do you say yes to every job that comes your way. Do you say yes to working on weeknights, weekends and all night catching up?

Do you find yourself missing out on your kid’s bedtime, dinner, Saturday games, and quality time with your spouse?

Do you say yes to volunteering and community… which then turns into family no’s?

Momprenuers that are wrapped up in the work and the moment don’t see what they are doing.

Holllly shAt. That was me!!!

I LOVED my career as a photographer but a decade passed and I found out the hard way. Overly busy isn’t glorifying.

I started photography 2007. I had my BEST wedding/photography years from 2012 to 2016.

Example: I nursed Aric as a baby/newborn (2010) BUT 2011, Austin put Aric to bed almost every night because I was in my office editing. My work went on like this until Fall 2017 after I was overworked, said yes to a lot of community projects/events.

Everything hit me hard that Fall! Those close to me, know my journey. I HAD to make some changes. They were hard but I had to make slow changes — for my husband, my kids, my health… for me!

I am super passionate about being able to coach other overworked Momprenuers now. To be able to help them get out of that rut by helping them create passive income with THEIR passion so they too gain back time freedom. Scaling back & leveling up = Time freedom.

If you could learn how to turn your passion, your idea, your superpower, your hobby with others…

What would time freedom look like to you?

I can speak from experience…
You can start with this:

– say no (more)
– get your shit together (declutter your life)
– make room for valuable yeses
– scale back your workload
– create passive income with your passion

I’m a strong believer that our struggles make us stronger and better humans. It’s okay to pivot as you get older and your kids age… we have one life. I’m super thankful for all the successes and even more… the failures.

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