New Perspective from Mailbox Peak Hike

May 4, 2021

3 years ago we conquered my most physical and mental hike – Mailbox Peak!

I’ve shared this before, but I learned so much because of that hike. It wasn’t like I could say “ef that” after I got tired of the airdyne or a couple back-to-back burpees at the gym.
I HAD to get through it.

I feel this mental block now with pushing through completing these courses… KEEP GOING I keep telling myself.

9 miles – and so dang steep. My legs were literally locking up on me has we were getting so close to the peak as the clouds were rolling in too!
I made the boys go ahead because if the clouds did roll in fast, I didn’t want them to miss the site. Well, I didn’t give up. I made it! We have said ever since, when we go back — we’re doing it again!

Well, we didn’t realize that would be our last time traveling to Seattle to visit Austin’s mom and step-dad. They have sold their Washington home and have moved to Key-West and here to North Carolina!

We have made so many memories in Washington. The boys have been going since they were so little and are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel and for Austin’s family to always welcome us into their home all of those years!!!

Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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