Being Selective With Your Yeses

May 6, 2021

I’ve taken on some major goals over the years!

-Designing and manufacturing my camera straps took 3 years.
-The community all inclusive playground took 3 years.
-It was 4 years before owning a studio.

I’ve been working on another goal that started 2 years ago.

I’m a creative entrepreneur with a passion to help others where I can. If there is a problem… there is a solution. I’m pretty blunt – when asked my opinion, sometimes I have no filter. Over the years other Momprenuers would reach out and ask for my opinion/advice/how-to’s.

Now, I have it all in one!

There’s no one way to do things. I don’t like fluff and all the bullshit. I like things simple, direct and to the point —

I’m over the moon excited to help Momprenuers (from all over) how they too can scale back their workload and gain time freedom.

Photography has always been my full time job. In the past – I said yes to everything and everyone. Because of my changes that I teach other Momprenuers to do too, I can be selective in the jobs/projects I say yes too.

I never thought at the age of 39 I would shift gears to only discover a smarter way to work — turning my PASSION into a time freedom business that now allows me to live life with intention.

WTF does that mean you’re asking?

I help other Momprenuers create the life they WANT >> which is usually —

“I want more time with my kids”
“I want more time for myself”
“I can’t keep up”
“I’m tired of always being rushed”
“I want to be at my daughters soccer game”
“I don’t want to be so stressed”
“I want to take more family vacations”
“I want more time with my partner”

So… the question is, what would time freedom mean to you?

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One thing I have noticed is that no matter your age… you can never go wrong building a life with intention!

Definition: Time freedom means choosing where to spend your time and choosing who to spend your time with. Having time freedom means you understand the importance of your time, and have decided to spend it on the things and with the people that matter most. This means you have chosen to create the life you want.

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