Multi-Business Owner

May 17, 2021

What do you?

Fill in your job title:


The questions I should be proud to answer but they are the questions I stumble on to answer.

I do a lot of things. I don’t have one title. It’s complicated.

When new people visit here, when I meet new folks in person or through education/community/work groups… I never can explain what all I do.

I use to call myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. And, I still am – but then, people did’t understand what that was either.

So basically I’m a mom, wife and multi-business owner.

I work from home. I batch work and batch schedule (that has always worked for me), and I do all the things business related you can think of.


learn to:


That’s in your business and life!

We can’t do it all and we’re not expected to do it all.

Outsource, utilize simple effective tools for automation, say no more to make room for more valuable yeses (like more time/time freedom), ask for help, and never stop learning!

One of my titles is designer. This camera strap is the only one of its kind. It took 3 years to develop, from contacting the developer to manufacturing to the delivery of all inventory. (started in 2013!) I learned SO much during this process. Many prototypes and many lessons learned!

Although I am a photographer myself, I’ve been outsourcing this work to other photographers this year. It’s allowed me to grow, have more time, I’ve been able to see a different perspective. I now have several new marketing photos because of this!

So, don’t be afraid to ask for help and OUTSOURCE something! Especially if it will benefit you in some way! 

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