Winston-Salem, NC Bailey Power Plant

May 19, 2021

Our frequent long walks, I will really miss.

We came here when this town was a ghost town. Literally. No one on the streets, no cars and no businesses were open.

The complete opposite of how the city life was like when we would visit.

This move was never in our plans.

Coming from a small town where there weren’t any rental options at the time of selling our house, this seemed fitting for us. It was different, yes. Coming from a small town where everyone seems to know more about you than you do yourself. A small town where you’ve lived your whole life, built a business and operated a brick and mortar – wanted so much more for the community as whole but still just never felt that true community support back. There was always a sense of judgement.

I was scared to leave. It was all I had ever known. However, that weight I carried for years, lifted tremendously when I left.

This small city showed me a different perspective of life, people, community and appreciation. Not towards me. I’ve watched it in the people and businesses, since the beginning of Covid. Their love for this city is pretty grand.

And, I have felt it since we moved here.

We use to joke about how we only slept in King because we always found ourselves visiting back in W-S even after Austin had just left work there.

This isn’t forever. We will be in a house and life will be different again. But, until then… I’m soaking it all in.

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