Tent to Rooftop Tent Upgrade

Jun 10, 2021

We got married Summer Solstice 2003.

We received some gift cards at our wedding shower and purchased our very first tent!

That tent is still kicking, actually!
(scroll to the last pic to see our almost exactly 18 year old blue tent) #turnersgoexploring

It has housed and protected us, the boys and even Alex when he came along.

Our last camping trip was tight and well… Austin and I are getting older. 😁

We don’t want a camper – we enjoy tent camping and being secluded.

Austin & I don’t do Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary gifts for each other — we just don’t. So it felt like it was time we do something for us again.

It was time to upgrade!

BUT 2020 was a whole ‘nother level of “get outside” for folks. Which then, lead to back orders!

For a family that loves adventure and getting outside, the wait on this felt like eternity!

We had a Summer planned full of weekend traveling… but the housing market sucks and well, the house came at a good/bad time. We’re now spending weekends busting ass with the house renovations so we can get out of this apartment and back into a house – and so we can get back outside!!!

However, I have to say… a single night camping getaway is a lot easier than before!!! And, always much needed!

All 5 of us are thoroughly enjoying our new home away from home.

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