Comparison Kills Creativity

Jun 11, 2021

“Comparison kills creativity.
There is room for you.
Nobody can do it with your voice, with your experience, with your insight.”
-Karen Walrond

Teaching, sharing, educating others on what YOU know is how we all grow as individuals. Even better when we can learn on the go, at our own pace and from our phones or laptops.

Do you have a passion? Well then, turn it into a side business! NEVER assume your voice, experience or insight isn’t worth it!

I’ve been there… The late nights, long hours, hustling like a madwoman, missing out on kids and family activities, constantly trying to catch up with work, schedules and bills.

STOP & listen.

It’s up to you to make the choice.

I stopped and started building the life I wanted behind the scenes and now help others do the same!

There are other ways to earn income besides the actual physical part! Scaling back in my physical work and allowing room/time to work on the passive income work — was the best decision I made.

So, I help other overworked moms with this same process — scale back, level up and gain back time!

Are you ready to create a time freedom business with YOUR passion?

It’s easier than you think, and I share how to do it for only $47 on my site.

WTF is a time freedom business?
Definition: Time freedom means choosing where to spend your time and choosing who to spend your time with. Having time freedom means you understand the importance of your time, and have decided to spend it on the things and with the people that matter most.

So, the question is… what does time freedom look like for YOU?? And, at what cost?

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