Once a Photographer, Always a Photographer

Jun 29, 2021

When people ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is…

It will always be families with young kids — but I have to say, WEDDINGS too.

My big wedding days are over. We wrap up our last big wedding in September. I remember the long 12 hour days, barely eating or drinking and on my feet all day and night coverage — and the next day “after wedding wobble hangover.”

I could talk forever about weddings, the scenarios, timelines, working with the bride/groom, blogging, guest, the different religions and ceremonies we’ve witnessed, working with vendors, behind the scenes and the industry as a whole – boy how it has changed over the years. I was blessed with amazing weddings though.

I was always slightly embarrassed when strangers asked what I did as a job or if I had to write in what my job was on the kid’s school forms.
A “photographer” sounded so cliche so I always put “self-employed”

But, looking back… I’m quite honored to have been able to document so many amazing weddings and work with extraordinary people.

I pass these photos every time I come to the studio but for some reason when I was walking down these steps this morning, it all hit me.

I’m proud to be a photographer.
Once a photographer, always a photographer.

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