House Reno

Jul 11, 2021

Sell a house, live in a 900 sqft loft apartment for a year and half during a pandemic and I promise you… you will come out more grateful than ever. Simplifying and downsizing was my goal in 2019. When we sold our house of 10 years at the very beginning of 2020, we had no idea this would be our path but we’re here for it – in a completely different town with a completely different outlook on life!

I have a folder FULL of photos of the house to share or blog one day.

This is Aric’s room. We let the boys pick out their own rooms and how they want them decorated. We knew when purchasing this home we were going to gut it.

That, we did!

Watching everything transition has been super cool but most rewarding in the fact that everyone has helped out when needed. The boys are part of this journey.

Take more risks!

You may win some…
You may lose some…

– but I guarantee you’ll learn something along the way!

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