First Day of New Schools

Aug 23, 2021

First time ever I didn’t get a 1st day pic of them together 😩😭 The boys have always gone to school together at Millennium Charter Academy (K-12). They rode the 40-45 minute bus ride together and they were (for the most part) always on the same schedule.

Today, and days/weeks/months ahead… I’m reminded just how convenient that same school and same schedule was!

Aric is 7:20am-2:00pm
Ayden is 8:55am-3:55pm – both on the opposite side of town.

With all of our new changes in schools, jobs, schedule and home locations… I’m glad Austin went with me to drop off each kiddo — because 1) I would have lost it because the boys are split up now and I don’t know where time is going 🥺 or 2) I would have lost it because those LONG car lines are something I am NOT use to 😤

Best wishes for all teachers, staff, admin and students for this school year!!!

This evening I’ll be raising my glass high to all parents of school aged kids and teachers this Monday evening!

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