A Little Magnolia Journal Inso

Sep 24, 2021

My favorite time of year, Fall.
And, new Magnolia issues.

These issues always force me to slow down for a bit and create some time for ME.

“Forward motion can manifest itself in our lives in many different ways. Consider where you are today compared with a year ago. Note the boxes you have gotten out of and the ways you have changed and evolved. Imagine where you might be in another year if you keep your heart open to whatever form of forward motion might come your way.” -Magnolia Journal

“On Forward Motion”

-on trying again
-on changing your mind
-on being wrong
-on being wrong again
-on loving your neighbor
-on loving yourself
-on breaking the mold
-on listening
-on taking a break
-on forward motion

Side note: I know you’re digging our island counter tops… No worries, you can find them at the nearest Lowes or Home Depot store — ask for “Drywall”

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