Last Wedding

Sep 26, 2021

Yesterday was my last wedding…

I’ve slowly cutback over the past 2 years and well, yesterday was the day.


I have photographed at nearly every venue in the triad over the past 14 years (was always up for the out of town mountain or beach weddings) – I have documented some amazing couples!!!

The wedding styles and photography/editing trends have changed so much over the years – themes, colors, how folks decorate, what they provide for cake or favors, what they choose to wear, 1st look before ceremony vs traditional aisle 1st look. The list goes on.

I have enjoyed experiencing so many types of religions and the different ceremonies – no two have ever been the same. Receptions are long but fun!

Ask anyone that knows me, I love the details. Simple or over the top, I love photographing them.

I always got a lump in my throat and held back tears through the father/daughter mother/son dances because I think of my own dad and then my time as a mom the day my boys choose to get married.

There are SOOOO many memories –

Thank you to my hubby and my boys – many years of missing out on a lot of Saturday fun, games, family outings, gatherings, bedtimes, dinners etc. and the long hours that come after that in editing.

THANK YOU if I’ve ever had the honor of capturing your special day or if you referred me!


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