Happy National Boss’s Day!

Oct 16, 2021

Happy National Boss’s Day! ✌🏻

This year looks a lot different from the past. For over a decade I’ve been my own boss. I am an entrepreneur through and through. I’ve rooted for and pushed other women alike to go forward and to continue to march to the beat of their own drum… including myself. I’ve pushed myself in many ways, wearing many hats over the years.

But I’m here to say… ladies, it’s okay to throw a plot twist out into your own chapter.
Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart.

I see all of these local and afar women slaying and think to myself… yassss Queen!! Get it!!

However, knowing what I know now… be prepared for the not so glamorous.

You will hit burnout. You will question your worth. You will be hungry for more and need help. You will have people that don’t like you. You will have to make sacrifices. You will lose creativity. You will lose, period.
But I promise you… all of those challenges WILL mold you into a better person in the future. Enjoy the road now and plan for the future… for you never know when life will throw a curve ball and you completely change careers. And guess what, it’s okay.

Today, I celebrate still being a boss and also having a boss.
I thought I was going through a midlife crisis when I was tossing up the idea of going into property management. I’m rounding the corner of 40 and have decided… I’m gonna just keep doing the damn thing. Keep rooting and pushing myself and see where life takes me.

If you know me… I’m hard headed. And, I wouldn’t work for just anyone. So, one of these days when he’s open to sharing his face with this business I’m now running… we will have a few beers and share a pic with you guys of my boss on the gram. ✌🏻

Until then… happy boss’s day you entrepreneurs! 🤘🏻

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