Vintage Hidden Playboy Found During House Renovations

Feb 20, 2022

Another surprising find in the 1968 house renovation.

A 1973 Playboy Magazine –
hidden in the basement/garage above between the insulation and the floor. Clearly to hide it from his wife. 😆

Austin found it when replacing the old insulation. I am a magazine hoarder for this reason. I love to look back on how things were.

I love looking back on the ads more-so than the reason of this magazine. And even still, to see how they published women in this magazine then, is so different than now. Not by much though.

Crazy how much they promoted cigarettes in these ads compared to now. Most can’t say that their address growing up was “Tobaccoville” – The smell of RJR still smells like home when I go back.

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