Life After Photography

Apr 23, 2022

Circa – 2011.

▪️2003 I graduated college (Graphic/Design & Advertising). Took one business class, one photography class (film back then) and several Adobe classes.
▪️2003 I got married.
▪️2005 I had my first child.
▪️2007 I started my photography business. It was A Photo by Ashley, then. No business experience nor digital photography experience. Austin gifted me my first digital camera. I took what I learned from my classes and a lot of trial and error. And ran with it.
▪️2009 I met Cindy at a wedding show (back when those were a huge deal)
▪️Child # 2
▪️2010 Cindy and I joined forces
▪️2011 we finally moved into our renovated studio White Rust Photography
▪️2020 I sold my house, moved to another city, the pandemic happened and life in between.
▪️2021 We closed the doors of our studio
▪️2021 I entered the workplace (when most were exiting)

I couldn’t tell you how many weddings, families, newborns, dancers or seniors I have photographed over the last decade. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was featured, published or highlighted. I couldn’t tell you how many followers I had during that time. Why?? Because it didn’t matter! I never have been a numbers person. Don’t let numbers take over your why…your reason.

Start small. Start with all that you have. Whatever that might look like. You don’t need all of the bells and whistles, you don’t need a following count and you sure as hell don’t need someone else’s approval. Do what others are NOT doing!

Just do you! Be YOU!
Everything else will fall into place. ✌🏻


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